All In A Dream

Every time I pass the old family home in Lalor Park it stirs so many memories, both good and bad. I always wonder how life would have panned out had we not left the safety of the old home town. How much has changed….the people…the places…the culture. You feel helpless sometimes even though you could have done nothing to change it. 


Michael Carr: Lead Vocals


Andy Payne: Electric Guitars


Monique LeChat: Backing Vocals


Franky Valentyn: Backing Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Mini Moog, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Drums. 


Went by my school just the other day

The windows I once learned through

Have been broken

As I wondered the corridors

I dreamt of all the ghosts

I may have woken

People and places, the changing faces

Some better left unseen

A town that I don’t seem to know

As I ask myself………

Was it at all in a dream?


Went down my street just the other day

The wind that blew so cruel

Has now blown colder

I took a walk down to the park

Where I used to play,

Before my world grew older

Closed my eyes and I took a breath

Dreamt of long ago

The lights that shined so Bright are gone,

As I ask myself

Was it all in a dream?


Went by my house just the other day

While the paint has faded,

Nothing else seems changed

And the mud on the walls,

Like the blood on my hands,

Maybe it will wash out in the rain

Friends who should be lovers now

Have long since gone away

All the faces in the crowd are strangers now

As I ask myself,

Was it all in a dream?