Gothic Horror 


I grew up watching horror movies…lots of them. I was enthralled with the schlock horror of the Hammer movies. They were so B grade, but also leaving a huge mark on our psyche. A "semi" true story about personal experience, was it all in a dream? The major musical influences I had when I was younger such as Rick Wakeman, Yes, Stravinsky, Wagner etc, play a big part in the construction of this piece. Sung by the amazing Ben Craven.


Ben Craven: Lead Vocals


Wendy Angel: Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals


Teresa LaRoca: Lead Vocals


Jacqui Edgecombe: Cello


Taras: Harp


Robert Forbes: Thereman


Jane Cox: Spoken Word


Franky Valentyn: Backing Vocals, Piano, Mini Moog,  M Tron, Bass, Drums, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Flute.



You sit all alone in your room late at night

A flickering TV your worlds only light

Movies of Horror from days black and white

Heighten your fear of those bumps in the night

Drift to that place between sleep and awake

Where dreams can't control what is real what is fake

The air it grows colder, the TV goes black

You feel that your sanities under attack


Suddenly lost in a room you don’t know

In mazes of shadows in candle lit glow

Panic ignites, you run for the door

But your feet are so heavy they won’t leave the floor

Your breath starts to shorten, your body grows weak

Too scared to scream, way too frightened to speak

The room starts to spin, you can't move or feel

A nightmare in motion, this cannot be real


Gothic horror, Turns your blood cold, takes your breath away

Hammer Horror, make your skin crawl, make it go away…


Hell only knows of the horrors not seen

Or the monsters that lurk in the corners of dreams

Caught in this limbo ‘tween heaven and hell

There’s no sense of reason, no sight, touch or smell

Something’s behind you, its there on the stairs

You find yourself trapped in the bind of its glare

Realized you’re where fear and evil collide

When the end is upon you, there's no-where to hide

You waken to find it’s not all that it seems

Descending to hell was just all in a dream

But soon as you’re feeling safe in your cocoon

You suddenly realize you’ve spoken too soon

Feel it behind you, you know that it's there 

Its breath on your neck, and its hand in your hair

Collapse to the ground as you draw your last breath

Those bumps in the night, they can scare you to death