Hope For Llewella Yet

'One of the most remarkable people I ever met was Llewella Hope Davies, known to all as the Queen Of Camden. Every time I visited her home, which the local high school had to be built around because she wasn’t moving, she would be running around organizing local events, charities, council duties…but she would still have the time to sit down for a chat or a cuppa with anyone who would visit. Those visitors have included everyone from Prime Ministers to the local milkman. Unfortunately, she passed away at 99, just missing out on the treasured telegram one gets from the Queen for reaching 100. Written back in 1986, "Llewella" has some wonderful guestings especially the talented Michael Carr on lead vocal.


Michael Carr: Lead Vocals


Willow Jones: Backing Vocals


Monique LeChat: Backing Vocals


Jacqui Edgecombe: Cello


Bob Jones: Flute


Franky Valentyn: Backing Vocals, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, 1898 Wurlitzer Upright Piano, Mini Moog,  Bass, Druns,  Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Choir Vocals. 


We'll there's hope for Llewella yet

As she sits and she waits for

the telegram from the Queen

She knows she'll get.

On her face there's a look

That’s her way of knowing

She won't say her age,

But you know she's as old as the day

And from where she sits,

She hears the children play


We'll there's hope for Llewella yet

As she sits on her porch

While feeding her pets so dear

She always lets,

Them wonder out of the garden

Knowing they have no fear

Of the town where she will live

And from where she sits,

She still hears the children…..


She's never worried bout her money

Or the place that she may never sell

But when she's gone we will be sorry

That we didn’t get

To know her all that well


We'll there's hope for Llewella yet

As she tends to the garden,

She may be part of soon

God only knows.

The one thing for certain,

We'll miss her when she's gone

But for now she's ours to make

Sure that she well may

Forevermore, hear the children play