Paul Isn't Dead


Probably the strangest backstory of all the songs on "All In A Dream" Paul isn’t Dead was written back in 1985 while I was touring around Australia with The Beatnix as keyboard player/musical drector. The Beantix are a Beatles tribute band, one the first of its kind anywhere in the world. The whole “Paul is dead” scenario was something intrigued me since I was young, so when my friend Ange Andony threw the premise for the song at me as a chanlenge, I thought it would be fun. I'd just spent a week at his place doing my first ever "demos".  The arrangement is still the same as the original 4 track recording I did in Perth. It actually received a bit of radio play in its first ircanation on local Sydney radio stations. Features a wonderful "middle 8" vocal from my long time friend Lance Smith, as well as a beautiful guitar solo by the talented Andy Payne.


Lance Smith: Lead Vocal


Di Soloman: Backing Vocals


Andy Payne: Lead Guitar


Steve Layton: Spoken Word


Dave Douglas: Spoken Word


Russell Grigg: Sound Effects. Backward Masking


Franky Valentyn: Lead Vocal, Piano, M Tron, Electric Harpsichord, Bass, Drums, Acoustic Gutar 12 string Rickenbacker.


You know the world how they would cry

If they knew you were going to die

Oh so young

‘Cause no one could replace a face

Among the faces that the world has

Known as one

But something tells me you’re O.K

And you will play another day

You won't get your wings for many years

And as you set off for your drive

We hope that you may stay alive


Put a hand above your head

Try to tell us you were dead

If that’s the way you want to be

Then you’re a bigger fool than me

They said tat you were flirting fate

If you live past 28

Saw you walking Abbey Road

Without your mamas hand to hold

In a field of strawberry

Buried 'mongst the cranberry


Rita, Rocky, Sgt P

The walrus they all came to see

If it was true

Was it a conspiracy?

Or do they all talk backward just like

Me and you

As you were busy getting high

On all the girls that you made cry

We thought you left without saying goodbye

Stunting for publicity

Faking your obituary